Reasons BlueCell is the best optimizer

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Uses the newest and most advanced mathematical methods

Advancements in computer technology have allowed researchers and academics working in the field of optimization to explore promising new methods that had previously been out of reach. The BlueCell algorithm incorporates the latest academic findings.


Developed by a leading European University

The BlueCell Dynamic algorithm is being developed in cooperation with researchers at the University of Technology in Vienna (TU Wien). This prestigious research and teaching university has specialized in scientific and technology research for nearly 200 years, and has a department that focuses specifically on the development of mathematical and computational algorithms.


More than a decade of research in the field of 2D guillotine cutting

The University of Technology in Vienna has been developing and refining the algorithm at the heart of BlueCell for more than 10 years, updating the core functions to incorporate new approaches and take advantage of modern computer technology.


Uses the most modern, 64 bit, multi thread capable computer technology

Applications not written for modern operating systems cannot take advantage of the latest computer hardware. Older applications can only use a fraction of the available memory and cannot spread processing across multiple cores. BlueCell is true 64bit software, capable of making use of far more (billions of times more) memory than a 32bit software, and can utilize multiple cores to significantly reduce processing time.


Multiple algorithms:
Dynamic - Simple - Block

BlueCell can toggle between 3 different algorithms. The university developed Dynamic algorithm uses the latest mathematical methods to arrive at the ideal solution. SFR is a lightning fast first-fit algorithm that can process vast amounts of parts quickly. SFR has applications for estimating and for special functions, like optimizing around defects. The block nesting algorithm is ideal for producing solutions for CNC routers.


SQL Server platform for data storage

BlueCell stores results in a SQL database that can easily be accessed by 3rd party reporting tools and which allows data analytics not possible with flat text files. Want to determine what your yield was for a certain material over the last 2 weeks? The BlueCell SQL database makes it possible.


Standard Tools for reports (MS-SQLSRS) and scripts = macros (Python)

BlueCell supports any SQL capable reporting application like MS SQL reporting services, and features Iron Python script support. Both SQL and Iron Python are widely used and extensively documented. Large online support communities exist for both languages, making it easy to find help and tutorials.


Available as DLL and with User Interface (Windows 8)

The power of BlueCell can be built directly into your own in-house solution for seamless incorporation of optimization into your own applications.


Post Processors for all major equipment manufacturers (saws and routers)

BlueCell is compatible with Eurosoft post-processors for routers and panel saws. Eurosoft has been working with optimization and machinery integration for nearly 20 years.

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