BlueCell Embedded

BlueCell embedded allows you to incorporate world-class optimization and nesting features into your in-house software solution or into products destined for resale. OEM agreements and pricing vary depending on desired implementation scope, functionality (post-processors and features), and other considerations.

BlueCell Embedded Packages include:

BlueCell Optimization Library
Sample .NET application
Intellisense support for BlueCell Methods/Functions in Visual Studio
Integration Assistance, Technical-Support for your developers

Sample Implementations:

1) Commercial Website
Add BlueCell into a website for online optimization of cut-to-size orders
2) Intranet applications
For serving a large internal network of users
3) 3rd party retail applications
Featuring optimization and post-processing

IDE Compatability:

Written with .NET framework 4.5
Uses Entity Framework code-first approach for easy deployment of database
Compatible with applications written in any .NET supported language, including web applications.
Compiles for x86 and x64 processors