BlueCell Packages Comparison

Learn about the differences between the 3 standard BlueCell Packages.

Office Essentials is a cost effective version designed for small shops as well as sales and estimating. Professional is designed to meet the needs of everyday production while Enterprise is built to handle any manufacturing demand. See which product is right for you by by comparing the features in the table below.

Packages BCCompareEssentials
Dynamic (BC)
Block Nesting
Simple (SFR)
Standard Features
No Material or Part Quantity Limits
Multi-material Optimization
Machine Constraints
Standard Reports
Python Script Support
Remnants 1
Essentials Options:
1) Add a Post
2) Upgrade to a 3 User License
Over/Under Production
Material Cost Optimization
True Headcuts
Low Priority (filler) Parts
Remnants 2
Inventory Management
Grain Formations (w/ drag and drop)
Pattern Editor
1 Post Processor Included
Professional Options:
1) Add a Post
2) Upgrade to a 10 User License
Multi-Run Comparison
External Signals
Labor Cost Optimization
Substitute Materials
Part Groups
Remnants 3
SQL Import/Export Wizard
Enterprise Options:
1) Add a Post
2) Upgrade to a Site License (unlimited licenses within a facility)
Single User
3 user license (w/ upgrade)
10 user license (w/ upgrade)
Site License (w/ upgrade)
Data Storage
SQL Compact
SQL Server

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