BlueCell Optimization Packages

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Office Essentials

A light-weight package designed to give sales and estimating access to top-notch optimization without the "bells and whistles" normally required for full-fledged automation and production. Includes a complete, unfettered panel optimizer with a feature configuration that makes it an ideal solution for estimating material consumption and machine cutting time. Optional license expansion pack for three users; Compatible with machine post-processors.

Includes university developed yield optimization algorithm; No artificially imposed limitations on part or sheet quantities; Optimization of multiple materials in each run; Machine constraints to prevent creation of patterns which could not actually be produced at a machine.

Standard Features:
  • BlueCell Dynamic Algorithm, Block Nesting
  • No limits on part or material quantities
  • Multi-material optimization
  • Machine Constraints
  • Length Optimization
  • Standard Reports
  • Python scripting support
  • Single-user license
  • Remnants 1 (detection of remnants in patterns)
  • Post Processors
  • Upgrade to 3 user license


Package designed to meet the demands of everyday production right out of the box. Comes standard with 3 licenses as well as many features that address special production requirements.

Standard Features (in addition to Office Essentials):
  • 3 Algorithms: BC, SFR, Block
  • Over/Under production
  • Material Cost Optimization
  • True Headcuts
  • Low Priority (filler) Parts
  • Remnants 2 (Remnants can be added to material file automatically)
  • Inventory Management (automatically reduce inventory)
  • Grain formations with drag and drop builder
  • Pattern Editor
  • Post Processor
  • 3 user license
  • Additional Post Processors
  • Upgrade to 10 user license

Enterprise Professional

Ready to meet virtually any production demand, BlueCell Enterprise Professional includes all features and a 10 user license, standard.

Standard Features (in addition to Professional):
  • Multi-Run Comparison
  • External Signal
  • Labor Cost Optimization
  • Substitute Materials
  • Part Groups
  • Remnants 3 (Real-time management and bin assignment)
  • SQL Import/Export Wizard
  • 10 licenses
  • Additional Post Processors
  • Site License (Unlimited licenses within facility)